Pano Cocoon Product Info

Pano Cocoon is the logical tool for those who want to protect their virtual tours. It can be purchased in individual modules or as a complete package. It works for all FPP projects, be it hand coded or Flashificator based projects.

XML Encryption

XML Encryption will encrypt the main .xml file in the project with 256 bit encryption, making it literally impossible to break the encryption. This will secure against theft of the xml file and the way you have your things set up. If you purchase P.Cocoon module by module, this would be the “Pano Cocoon – Basic” module that is essential, and the other modules can be added to it. With this module comes a custom context menu. A context menu is what appears when you make a right click in a panorama. The custom context menu will be made specifically for you/your business. If it is removed or replaced, the project will pain relief stop working. Little or no delay is added to the download and processing of a tour that has an encrypted XML file.

Domain/Local Lock

The domain lock feature is one that can be activated for whatever domain you like. You do not need to purchase a new domain lock license every time you get a new client. You decide which domains to lock the project to each time, or if you will leave the projects un-locked. A project which has been locked to “” can not be viewed from “” or any other if it has been copied and moved. Another feature is “Local Lock”, making it impossible to view the tour online. This can be useful if you provide a test project to your client on a DVD or other removable media. There are many examples of less than honest businesses who have stolen projects presented to them, claiming that they are not interested any more. WIth the Local Lock activated, the project will only work locally.

Time Limit

The time limit can be very useful. You can assign a life-span for a project. If you give the project 24 hours to work, it will stop working after that time. Changing a computer’s internal clock will not work, since the time is taken from an online server. Time Limit is also very good to use on projects that have been leased/rented. An example could be a hotel that rents the panorama tour for 6 months at a time. Once they pay, you provide them with a new xml file that provides 6 more months of running time. Your client only needs to replace the xml file, which is a very simple and quick operation. Once the next period of assigned lifetime for the project has passed, it will automatically stop working. Setting up a license renewal shop for each client online can of course be done as well.

Image Encryption

All the panorama images will be encrypted with 256 bit encryption, preventing theft of the panorama images. All FPP supported panorama images can be encrypted:

Cube Faces
Vertical Stripe
Horizontal Stripe
Vertical Cross
Horizontal Cross
QTVR .mov
The encryption process does add to the size of protected projects (upto 30% in extreme cases). Lifting the images out of the browser cache/temporary internet files folder, will result in empty white images that can not be used for anything. The panoramas are the heartbeat of any panographer’s work, and should be protected.

Stand Alone Panorama Projector

SAPP is a built in feature in both the Full and Basic version of P.Cocoon. With it you can publish your project as a Flash Stand Alone projector for both Mac’s and PC’s with a single click. This is a very useful feature if you need to publish your project on CD/DVD/Flash Thumbdrive or other removable media. The project can be displayed on Mac’s and PC’s without having to worry about the viewing computer having Flash installed or having an old version of it, or the browser might be old and not compatible with the latest technology. The SAPP project will execute in it’s own Flash container. Ideal for presenting projects to clients using removable media, and when selling CD’s/DVD’s with projects for museums/hotels/resorts etc.