APC And Their Muslim Muslim Ticket For Presidential Candidates

Hello beautiful people welcome back to our blog thank you for always be sitting up to check on our articles today episode we going to talk about the APC and their Muslim Muslim ticket for the presidential candidates and first of all I want to let us know that this is not the first time APC will be having this kind of issue. In 2015 when president buhari was given the presidential ticket this kind of issue was also in place as at then.

in 2015 Asiwaju Bola Tinibu wanted to become the vice president you wanted to become president Buhari running mate and President Buhari understand that, it is not okay for a Muslim Muslim to govern Nigerian it will be a disgrace, it will be a slapped on the Christian Faith for them not to have a Christian as the vice-president so this was what happened between president Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

This was an issue which gave them tough time to decide. its causes arguments between Bola Tinubu and President Muhammadu Buhari and other APC member before they finally agreed to picked vice president Yemi osibanjo. according to around on WhatsApp message this was what actually happened however in some recent public speech by Bola Tinubu he claimed that he was the one that picked proffesssor Yemi Osibanjo to be the vice president. Anyhow the case maybe there was argument for them to get a vice president at some point and professor Yemi osibanjo was recommended.

Now in 2022 the same issue is happening again concerning picking a Christian or a Muslim as the All Progressive Congress running mate for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. according to some Nigerians the APC needs to get a Christian from the North as the vice president if not the APC would not get any vote from the Christian and some Muslim as well are agitating for the APC to get a Muslim as their vice president if not they will not vote for the APC because according to them bola tinubu is an old man and at any point in time he might passed away so they cannot risk for a Christian to be the president if bola tinubu eventually passed away according to them Tinubu is not hundred percent ok is not healthy and they would not want a Christian especially from the North to take over and a Christian from the East because they consider these are a dangerous mission against the Islamic religion.

Whatever the case may be the all progressive congress have finally picked a running mate for bola tinubu from the North a brother to the governor of katsina state so that’s final and they consider this as a wise decision because it is only a Muslim from the North that can give the APC the kind of boots they need maybe save picked Kabiru Massari.

Many Nigerian activist and citizens have spoken about this scenario of the all progressives Congress political party some say that this decision is not ok is not good at all as this is a segregation of the Christian in Nigeria that the APC should have taking someone from the North that is a Christian because this will not be a sidelined of any group of religion or people in Nigeria both Christian and Muslims have condemned the act.

However there are some people as well that are in support of this Moved by The APC to some the are trying to protect their religion while some are agitating for a true development, according to them if Nigeria will be better, if Nigeria will developed beyond our current situation to a better situation Muslim Muslim ticket is not a bad thing.

So I want you to drop your comment below and let us know what do you think about the Muslim Muslim ticket that the APC have given, is it okay? how is it going to affect the all progressive Congress political party please drop your comment below thanks.

Top Gospel Blogs In Nigeria 2022

Check out all the top Nigerian gospel music blogs here. If you need soul lifting worship songs, all you have to do is to visit any of these prestigious blogs. “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it“. – Psalm 68:11

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URL: www.kingdomboiz.com
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URL: www.sonshub.co
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16. 247GVIBES
CEO: Prince Oluwatosin Odumosu
URL: www.247gvibes.com
EST: December 12, 2015

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Top 10 Nigerian Christian Movies You Need To Watch In 2022

The secular movie industry has makes the Christian faith base movie ministry as if it does not exist. Due to the high volume of people watching secular films on a daily basis, at home, schools and many public places. Meanwhile, there are many faith base films available for our spiritual growth and development.

Many Christians children grew up watching secular movies which has done more damages to their faith in Christ and even to the minds. Growing up many do not have the opportunity to come across Christian films instead, many had to watch film that are filled with all kind of demons, watching porn and other stuff or ideals that derogate the Christian faith. Thank God for the Nigerian christ base film like the great Mount Zion Film, PVO Film, Fejosbaba film and many other christ like film ministry. They’re doing good jobs by producing films that are filed with the spirit of God.

Below are ten (10) best selected gospel movies in Nigeria that you must watch before the end of 2022. These film are top-notch. As you watch them, don’t forget to share with your neighbor.

The Train is a true life story of Mike Bamiloye. A powerful movie that tells the story about he was mysteriously born. Growing up was very a very big challenge as he lost his parents at a very tender age. As a little child he had the spirit of stubbornness, however God eventually delivered him. As an adult the challenge never stop as had to struggled in making decisions concerning his education and even the decision on whom to married. To watch this movie check here now.

This is another mount zion film. It’s all about Olayiotan aka Abejoye whom had tormented the community with his evil power, he was a dangerous man, no one could withstand him in the society. Eventually, he got converted, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour. Nevertheless, those he had done evil to in the past begin to hunt him, in several occasions God gave him victory. His community people were still scared of Olayiotan as they see him more powerful then before. He explained to them in several occasions that he no longer do evil and that they should join him to accept Christ. However, they still find it difficult to believed him. There are more to this story, you will have to watch it on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s youtube channel.

Another faith base film by the Fejos Baba film ministry headed by Femi Adebile. Kembe Isonu is a film that demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ in a community by two young brother.

“Gbenro were driven out of the village where their parents who were missionaries were. in search for emancipation they got caught by a hunter named Ewekoro who was curious about the God of their fathers”. Learn more about Kembe Isonu on Fejosbaba tv.

The movie Shackles, writing by Mike Bamiloye is a battle on its own. The name has suggest pretty much about it. Shackles is another christian film for every christian home to watch. Watch Here

Abattoir is a movie that reveal how desperate some men are to use their family as sacrifices just to attain a certain position in the societies and wealth. This is a story of a man call Chief Durosanya who killed his wife and used her for sacrifice. I would not be able to give more details about this movie. However, it’s still very much available on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s Channel.

A story of a young lady who was sexually abused at her tender age. She eventually find her self in prostitution and she find it very difficult to forgive as she determined to kill and destroy. Click here for more information about the Last Man Standing.

Her previous relationships didn’t work out and Magdalene just had to protect her current relationship by all means. So, she tells several lies just to protect her relationship. She got married and eventually, her marriage begin to shack. I highly recommend this film to young singles and those that are in a relationship as well as married couples. Learn more about the movie here

This is another true life story that happened in Karaki Town in Kebbi State. A very small town, not even recognize on the state map. They’re predominantly Christian. One day young school girls were going for an excursion and they were kidnapped by some hoodlums. Click here to learn more
Written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye
Produced by Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye, Executive Producer NCCF Kebbi State

Gbemi is all about relationship. I think this should be one of the best relationship movie young christian need to watch. There is a lot to learn from this Gbemi of a thing. In my opinion, this is the number relationship movie for every young persons. Learn more

Group of young them who engaged in internet fraud, popularly known as yahoo. Its occurred that their victims no longer pay and so they consulted an old man who helped them to do ritual. Their end is not something to be happy about. Click Here To Watch Legion by Mount Zion Film Ministry.

In Addition, as at the time of writing this article the Nigerian gospel music ministry the Mount Zion film announces a released of another true life story, a bio epic story of pastor Enoch Adeboye. The general overseer of the redeemed Christian Church of God this was also announced on pastor adeboye’s Instagram page which shows that the biopic movie has been endorsed by man of God. Nevertheless the film is not yet released however we are asked to anticipate for it hopefully in a few weeks time it will be out this movie is titled ENOCH.

Similarities And Differences Between The Nigeria Voters Card and National Identity Card

Identify card and voters card has being serving as means of identification and as well as mean of voting in most developed and developing countries today. The human race has being increasing every day and there is need to be able to identify individuals in our societies and also the identity card helps in identifying individuals origin and position in the society. And the voters card as well became necessary as human race need credible leaders to govern the society for sustainable development.

Now we can see how important these two cards are in our various societies. Nevertheless, many Nigerians didn’t know the differences and similarities between these two. Infact, some do not know how important the National Identity Card and the Voters card are, so they useless them. Below are the major differences, similarities and their important. Check it out below and enjoy the moment.

What Is National Identity Card (NIC)?

This is simple a physical valid means of identification in Nigeria, given by the Federal government of Nigeria. This card has a unique numbers call National Identification Number (NIN).

What Is Permanent Voters Card (PVC)?

This is a permanent voters card given by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for voting during election in Nigeria. This is call PVC because, when and individual registered, he/she would be given a temporary voters card first before the PVC.

Differences Between Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and National Identity Card (NIC)

1. PVC can be use for voting during an election in Nigeria. It can be use to vote out and vote in any political candidate. It helps us to exercise our civil right
2. PVC can be use as a mean of identification in banks in Nigeria. Infact i had used it for internationally to verified my identify online. So interestingly, the voters card can substitute or compliment the National Identity Card.


The National Identity Card can only be use as a mean of identification in Nigeria. However, in the absent of NIC, Nigerians can make use of theirs PVC.

Similarities Between Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and National Identity Card (NIC)

The way i enumerate above, you should be able to spot out the similarity which is; the both card can be use for identification.

List of Comedians In Nigeria The Last One Will Shock You

In our society today we cannot forget about the positives impacts of comedy to our health. As doctor often recommend comics video and materials in other to ease stress and anxiety and all of that. Furthermore, we cannot under estimate the contribution of Nigerian comedians in achieving this goals. As many comedians in Nigeria has served as agents development and longevity.

Below are few list of notable comedians in Nigeria, this list might not contains all the talented comedians we have. However, few of them are provided below. If you have some that are not listed on this page, we will be glad if you can drop your contributions via our comment box.

1. Broda Shaggi
His birth name is Samuel Animashaun Perry. Broda Shaggi is actually hails from Delta state, but many would think he is a lagosian. He is a graduate of the University of Lagos from the department of Creative Arts.

2. The NEPA Boys.
These are two young boys, Hussein Mubarak kehinde and Akinyoola Ayoola. The duo comedians are best known for their creativeness, they often act as NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) workers. As Nigerians, we must have experience NEPA issues, this is often like a culture, despite their name have been change to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

3. Remote
This is another talented comedian, is birth name is Tolulope Olayiwola. He always depicts the character of fake prophet. Mc Remote had features so many top comedians like Woli Agba, Woli Arole and even the Nigerian music minister Yinka Ayefele.

4. Mr. Funny
Also known as Sabinus, his birth name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu and he hails from River state. Just as his name suggested, he is very very funny. He is the only Nigerian comedian i have noticed that he never use any necked girl in his comics. Of recent, he had a serious argument with a popular celebrity name Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known s ‘Bobrisky’.

5. Mr. Macaroni
In my opinion, if you are looking for comedies with fine girls, good looking girl, you will surely find them in Mr Macaroni’s comics videos. His birth name is Debo Adedayo and he is best known as Mr Macaroni or Dady wa. During the ENDSARS protest he was one of the celebrities present at the protest ground, in fact he was arrested, thank nothing bad actually happened to him in detention.

6. Josh2funny
This many is a special comedian, he is very unique in the ways he cracks jocks. He usually demonstrates his talents via music comedy. He was featured during the recently concluded Fearless 2022 by gospel music minister Tim Godfrey. His real name is Josh Alfred also known as Madam Felicia.

7. Kenny Blaq
Otolorin Kehinde Peter popularly known as Kenny Black was born in 1992. He is very talented. Mr Kenny Black loves showing his talents via melodies by making funny of popular songs of celebrities both Nigerian songs and foreign songs.

8. Zic Saloma
According to some online sources Zic Saloma who real name is Aloma Isaac Junior was actually a lecturer before he became a full time comedian. He is best known for acting as a typical Nigerian mother. His comdies are always funny, i bet, you can’t keep calm watching his comedy videos.

9. Woli Agba
Here is another character of a typical Nigerian prophet or pastor. His real name is Ayo Ajewole Ayobami Kunle. He often do his comedy with his mother tongue (Yoruba Language). Woli Agba also has another character, acting as his son. Mr Ayo often depicts as a man of God featuring another group of people as church members. He as features characters like Woli Arole, MC Remote and many actors.

10. Mark Angel
Mr. Mark Angel is the founder and leader of MarkAngelComedy. He is a native of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Even if you’re not a fan of comedy, you must have heard of his comedy. He is very popular and he often features his cousin Emmanuella Samuel in most of his comedy.

With this, we have come to the end of this article. Please subscribe to of blog post for more interesting and educative articles.

10 Online Skills That Can Turn You To A Million Naira In 2022

It is no longer a child play that the world in gradually turning to a global village. It’s turning to a global economy where by young people of this generation can create wealth on the online space using their smartphone or personal computer.

In Nigeria most of these digital or online skills are still very new and fresh. However, some Nigerian have make millions of naira in these online businesses just by using their smartphone connected to the internet.

Below are some of the skills you can venture into as a Nigerian and you be chasing out in Nigerian currency and even in foreign currencies as well.

01. Amazon KDP For All Devices
This is one of the easiest online skills you can learn and start making enough money on a monthly basis. Amazon kdp is all about creating a simple books like 10 to 20 pages selling it on Amazon. All you need to be successful are in this course, if you can purchase it, learn and implement, within three months, you will start earnings in dollars. To learn more about amazon kdp, CLICK HERE. One amazing thing about kdp is that you don’t even need to be an expert.

02. High Paid Freelancer Premium Program
Here is another online course that made many young Nigerians millions of dollars just by offering one or two skills like graphic design, copywriting, web design, voiceover etc on fiverr and upwork. Even if you’re already a freelancer and you’re struggling you can still get this online course. CHECK HERE for more information

03. Blog Cash University
This online course is all about success in blogging. Blogging as to do with a day-to-day publication on blogs or website. The publication can be news update or music, it can also be a personal lifestyle of individual or group. An example of an entertainment blog is lindaikejist’s blog another example of a music blog is Gospelafri1 etc. You can make millions of naira just by posting stuff on your blog when you monitize with Google adsense and maybe other company like propeller ads. This very course will guide you through all you need to be successful, get the course here now.

04. WhatsApp Millionaire Secrets
If you’re a business owner or have a product to promote and probably you have being try to make sale on this app call WhatsApp then this is the right online course to learn from. Millions of naira have been generated on this app but many business owners that have tried to use it, have been using the wrong way. So if you’re ready to know the secret behind making millions of naira on this app that some use in catching fun get the course here.

05. The Foreign Copywriting Initiative (Class of 2022)
Remember i mentioned in second list in this post about freelancing, i listed copywriting as a skill to offer on upwork and fiverr. Well you can as well learn it as a course and offers it to international companies. Get the course here now.

06. Full Cryptocurrency Ultimate Course
If you want to enter into the cryptocurrency world and you’re scared of investing or you’re looking for an ultimate guide, this course is highly recommended. Get it now

07. The Mini Importation Business Reloaded
I think there’s no need to explain deep about this course, the name has said it all. Just for business men and women that would love to start importation. Learn more about Mini Importation HERE.

This is a modern-day of selling goods and services online. Examples of an e commerce business in Nigeria are Jumia, Konga, Jiji and a lot more. If you want to start this type of business in Nigeria and want to be successful, the E-COM DIASPORA is highly recommended. Click here to learn more.

09. Facebook Ads Implementation Course
This is simply for facebook advertisement success. You can learn this and start running your Facebook ads by yourself and also for other clients. Learn more about Facebook ads HERE.

10. How to Turn Yourself to a Live Breathing Cash Machine
This is not digital or online course, this is just a book that is capable of transforming yourself to a Money Making Machine. The reason many people are poor is not because of lack of money but is because many are actually poor in their mind and the mind need to be rich first. To learn more about this book click here now. I recommend that you get this book before anything else as is a good foundation for financial wealth.

Top 20 Political Parties In Nigeria 2022

As the Nigeria 2023 election is fast approaching, it’s very important that we look at some of the political we have in Nigeria. This might not be comprehensive registered political parties registered in 2022. We just intended to provide the we think are the top twenty (20) parties.

What Is Political Party?
According to Wekipedia, “A political party is an organization that coordinates candidates to compete in a particular country’s elections. It is common for the members of a party to hold similar ideas about politics, and parties may promote specific ideological or policy goals”.

A political party is an organization or group of individual that makes sure an individual emerges as flag bearer to compete in a country election. This competition is always between other political parties in a given country.

01. All Progressives Congress (APC)
02. Accord (A)
03. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)
04. African Democratic Congress (ADC)
05. Action Democratic Party (ADP)
06. Action Alliance (AA)
07. African Action Congress (AAC)
08. Allied Peoples Movement (APM)
09. Action Peoples Party (APP)
10. Boot Party (BP)
11. Labour Party (LP)
12. New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)
13. National Rescue Movement (NRM)
14. People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
15. Ralph Okey Nwosu People’s
16. Redemption Party (PRP)
17. Social Democratic Party (SDP)
18. Young Progressives Party (YPP)
19. Young Democratic Party (YDP)
20. Zenith Labour Party (ZLP)

Thank so much for reading through, Incase you have any contribution, please share with us via the comment box and please share this article with other internet users.

Schools That Are Not Under ASUU 2022

Schooling in Nigeria and has become so very very difficult for many Nigerians especially the poor ones a course that supposed to be a four years course 5-year course 6 years course many Nigerian ends up spending more than what they expected to spend in the higher institution this has become very annoying and it has become a culture in which it happened almost every year in Nigeria.

it has become a norm for the Academy staff union of universities to go on strike whenever the government refused to pay their salary or whenever there is a delay in their payment they easily go to strike in order to fight the government to demand for the are right. and this has affected so many student it has caused delay in career of many Nigerian youths.

And the only schools the average Nigerian could afford are government school and most of the government school, 99% of the government schools in Nigeria are under Academy staff union of universities (ASUU) this is affecting the average Nigerian, though there are a lot of other universities in Nigeria but this universities are very very expensive no average Nigerian could afford to go to any of these universities and the only University available and affordable are state-owned universities.

Nevertheless the purpose of this article is to bring all the universities that are not under ASUU. like I mentioned above 99% of state-owned universities are under Association staff union of universities so it is only one state own universities that is not under this association. So as a Nigerian you can apply and try to gain admission into this university the university is Delta State University they are the only School institution that have tried enough not to be under Association staff of university. At least the common Nigerian will try to move to the school but the problem that might occur is that admission might not be easy in to this school due to the fact that many people will like to go to the school because they are government own institution and it will not be expensive compared to private school so due to this fact the school may not be easy to get.

Not withstanding below are few list of schools, private schools that can be easily get. You can easily get admission into the schools but they are very very expensive so it’s not for the common man so the universities are as follows;

  1. Salem University, Lokoja
  2. Covenant University Ota
  3. American University of Nigeria, Yola
  4. Skyline University, Kano
  5. Crown Hill University Eiyenkorin, Kwara State
  6. Hallmark University
  7. Adeleke University, Ede
  8. Atiba University Oyo
  9. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences
  10. Skyline University, Kano

Finally these private university might be very very expensive however you cannot compare their quality of education with government institutions. The schools are very fast there is no delay so the school may not be for the Common Man but that does not dispute the fact that the schools are good as well.

Top 6 Presidential Flags Bearers For 2023 Election In Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest population in African and Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa. The last time and election was conducted in Nigeria was in 2019 by the Independent Electoral Commission, a body know for organizing elections.

The next election is fast approaching, the election will hold 2023 around February or march. And below are the list of presidential candidates for then forthcoming general election.

1. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Bola Tinubu is the flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress popular know as APC. He is a leader of the party and he was once a governor and a senator. He is a leader who has help so many politicians to attained one or two political seats in the past. He even makes reference to his achievements as a reason he should be voted.

2. Malam Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar was also a formal vice-president, under President Olusegun Obasanjo. few weeks ago, he emerged as the presidential flag bearer for the People Democracy Party, well known as PDP. Malam Atiku was a major rival of the current President Muhammadu Buhari during the 2019 presidential general election. However, he was defeated and this time, he is here again to contest again, hopefully he will defeat the ruling political party, the All Progressive Congress (APC)

3. Mr. Peter Obi
Peter Obi is now the flag bearer of Labour Party (LP) after defecting from People Democracy Party. He was once a governor of Anambra state. What is amazing me is that, this man was Atiku Abubakar running mate during the 2019 general election, he was the vice-president of People Democracy party and unfortunately for Obi and Atiku, they were defeated. Today, he stand as a presidential candidate and he has many supporters, which are mostly youths as well as many celebrities, including a popular Nigerian human right Aisha Yusufu.

5. Malam Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso
Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was also a former governor of Kano state. He is the flag bearer of New Nigeria Peoples Party popularly known as NNPP. Many Nigerians in the considered him to be the best candidate so far.

6. Mr. Omoyele Sowore
Sowore Is the flag bearer for the Africa Action Congress (AAC). He contested in 2019 during the 2019 general election. Mr. Sowore is a popular Nigerian human right activist and the founder of Sahara reporters.

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