Design With A Passion

With Flashificator you can make individually designed tours from scratch, giving you total control of how things look and behave. The software was made to accommodate the need and desire by users, to have as much control over features and functions as possible.

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Why make a unique design for a tour?

Because you and your business need to stand out from the competition, and even if you don’t think you need to, your clients DO need to have their project(s) custom made to reflect their business, product and/or website layout and feel.

Try before you buy!

Pano Cocoon

Pano Cocoon is the logical tool for those who want to protect their virtual tours. It can be purchased in individual modules or as a complete package.


The Object Movie Generator – or OMG as it is known for short – enables you to use object movies inside panoramas. Distorted, static and floating.


Is the HTML5 panoramic player for FPP and Flashificator based projects.

Flash Panorama Player

Is the engine through which FFC operates. Incredibly powerful, flexible and capable, yet light-weight. It was the first major Flash based panorama player.


Working with FFC, you do not need any coding knowledge at all.  That is a fact, not a sales pitch. Experienced hand-coders switching over to FFC experience time-savings they never thought possible.Projects can be saved at any point in time, and the saved file (project.ffc) will contain every file and setting of the project, therefore easy and convenient to store for future use/editing.

  • HTML5 Support 10%
  • Ease of Use 70%
  • Features 85%
  • Capability for Individual Designs 95%

Compatibility and System Requirements

Compatible with PC and Mac.
System requirements are dictated by Adobe AIR:

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