Where can I find a research-info about Virtual tours?

Where can I find a research-info about Virtual tours?

Postby nvlass » Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:53 pm

Hi everybody, I am in the procedure to start my web site and I need to find information about the virtual tours. I already tried Mr Google but I am lost. When I say information I mean a research or any other information with numbers that are correct, in order to use them for a marketing plan

What I am trying to do is something like marketing plan. What I found difficult so far is that the people don't really understand what is virtual tour and how is going to help them (I am talking about hotels tourist destinations etc), ths is because also we are a little back. In my place so far I didn't found another competitor to do that so I think about 2 possibilities or somebody tried already but was very difficult to continue or nobody so far started. (Competitive advantage)

Another question is about the pricing. I know depends OK I will not charge 10euros for a single pano, but I need to start from somewhere 150 euros for a pano plus taxes does it sounds a lot? I am talking about hotels or a tourist shop.

I need to know some answers so I can finalize my business plan.

Thank you a lot
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Re: Where can I find a research-info about Virtual tours?

Postby Trausti Hraunfjord » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:48 pm

This should be of help:
(709.7 KiB) Downloaded 269 times

And pricing... very true that it depends on one's location and available competition (or lack of same), and quality and how much there is put into the tour etc.

€150 per pano sounds like a reasonable price for a normal good quality pano, with no HDR work and no video or flyout images or music.... for Greece ... as it would also be a reasonable price here in Peru... but then again, this is for the tourist industry, and these businesses LIVE of the tourists, so the better the tour, the better it is for their business, and therefore the price can be higher... even a lot higher. To sell well equipped and well priced tours (well priced for you), may need some convincing. Slinging a phone-book sized manual with endless numbers and graphs proving why it is a good thing to have a tour, is not going to help. But showing a couple or three examples of what can be done, and how attractive it will make their business look, is worth a lot in terms of convincing.

Making a single pano from their lobby, free of charge, to be able to show them their OWN place as a panorama, is a great way to get one foot inside their door. Of course the hotel/business should not be allowed to keep a copy of that tour for free... and to prevent any wrongdoing, (here comes my propagandistic sales pitch :) ) Pano Cocoon should be used to prevent the free sample to be viewed online (therefore it could not be uploaded to their website for viewing) and a time limit should be put on it, so that it would expire after a reasonable period of time... be that hours or days... long enough to allow them to see the project. .... or put it online, but use the domain lock and time limit, to ensure that the project can not be copied and used on their own domain without them purchasing it.

Once the free sample has been made, you will have a much better position to get a complete deal with them.

The most expensive panorama I know of, was sold for 3500 dollars. It was a single pano and quite badly done in my opinion, but sold to a company known all over the world. So the price is and will always be a relative thing. If your quality is good, you can charge well and up your prices when need be. If you start out too cheap, you will have a very hard time to move up the scale later on.

The price range I am aware of, relating to the better end of the panorama scale, goes from 300-600 dollars per pano. The higher end of the price scale including HDR and videos etc.

First and foremost: Provide quality. When convincing your clients, you should try to keep things simple... but you can leave a brochure or a print-out showing data that shows how panorama tours can benefit the client in question, they can study after you leave.
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Re: Where can I find a research-info about Virtual tours?

Postby nvlass » Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:32 am

Thank you so much Trausti. Very good reading.
Ypu are right about the pricing I need to convince them but also I need to add all this good things about virtual tour on my site.
3500 dollars for just one panorama? Do you have a link for that I would like to see it.
So HDR and flyout images and record music or mp3 and maps and ....
I need a price list ...
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