© 2012 Flashificator
© 2012 Flashificator

Chat service panoramas

23/8/2012 Being able to offer chat service in panoramas does indeed give a completely new life and meaning to panorama projects.  No longer do we have to be limited to selling “nice rotating images”, that can impress website visitors.  Now it is possible to upsell on the fact that the panorama project can also be used as a service central, where potential and existing clients can get in direct contact with the business that has the panorama.  A restaurant with a panorama can be contacted in real time over the internet, and a table can be reserved, or one can ask about parking space availability in the area or if the nice waitress from last week is on duty tonight.. :)  The possibilities are endless, and will for sure make it easier to convince potential clients of the need for them to have a proper panorama project for their business.  Here is a crude example of a pano with the Chat Widget implemented. Implementing the Chat Widget in Flashificator will be made simple and easy to do in an upcoming version.

OMG (Object Movie Generator)

4/7/2012 OMG became available with version 2.098.  This addition to FFC enables people to use Object Movies inside Flashificator based panoramas.  Not only that, but it allows the content creator to distort the object movies into place, rather than only having it to float over the pano or being static in front of everything, as seen in other panorama software packages.  The OMG plugin can also be used as a slideshow which can run in static and distorted mode.   The plugin can be called out like any other hotspot, and can be manipulated as hotspots as well.  Please remember that this version of OMG is ONLY intended for use with Flashificator, and is not to be used with hand-coded FPP projects. The price of the OMG plugin is €19.95 and can be purchased HERE.

NYC2012 - IVRPA 2012 conference in New York

18/6/2012 The annual IVRPA conference, known as NYC2012 this year, was held in New York, and is reported as having been a major event.  A special version of the Flashificator Combo Pack was made available to each and every attendee at the conference as a sponsorship.  The packages are branded for this event, fully functional and without any limitation in use or features, apart from not granting access to the update section.  The sponsorship was valued at over $13.000, making it the biggest single sponsorship of it’s kind at the NYC2012 event.  iOS and Android mobile platforms 28/4/2012 A native iOS player and convertor from Flashificator projects is in the works.  The progress of this work will be further announced in the Flashificator forums as it evolves.  Android specific output will also be a part of the project. This will become a new commercial product, and is not a part of the free updates.

Object Movie program for FFC & FPP

28/4/2012 An Object Movie program is being created , especially crafted for use in Flashificator projects and FPP hand-coded projects. Initially a traditional Object movie program will be made, while further down the road, a more complete and complex program will be made. Initially it will be made for Flash only, but a HTML5 version is also planned.  This will be a new commercial product, and is not a part of the free updates for Flashificator.

Video Tutorials

28/4/2012 All existing video tutorials will be replaced with new ones, and many more tutorials will be made from now on as time allows, after the new website is put online.  Make sure to check out the video tutorials section frequently and watch the new tutorials as they are published.

Live Support Chat

28/4/2012 A new feature for improving the level of service has been implemented.  The new website has a small widget in the lower right corner, where you can get live support, or leave messages that will be attended at first given chance.  In case you leave a message, it would be ideal if you would also leave your contact info (email) and name or, in case you are an existing customer, you could leave the Shareit invoice number.

New website for Flashificator and other software/services of ours.

28/4/2012 We welcome you to the new website for Flashificator.  It has taken some time to get this site put together, but we do hope you like the new look and the added information. If you have made video or written tutorials, you are welcome to contact us and provide links to your tutorials if you are interested in sharing. Everything counts, and video tutorials are highly appreciated by everyone in the community.