Product Info

Plugins – This opens up a list of the following features:

Autorotator – Autorotation with Auto Leveling available.
Borders – Add borders to panos you want to limit the viewing of.
Chat – Add a real time chat to your panoramas.
Clocks – Add digital/analog clocks to your panos.
Compass – Place a compass in your panos.
Context Menu – Customize your right click context menu.
Dashboard – Navigation buttons for panos.
FB/HTML Settings – Facebook panos and html basic settings.
Fullscreen – An independent full screen button.
FPS – Frames Per Second counter (very basic).
Help Files – Convenient for finding help for using Flashificator.
Image Converter – Change size and image format (.jpg/.png).
Lensflare – Add lensflares to your projects (9 different types).
Limits – Add limits to panos if you have only partial panos.
Loadmeters – 5 different types of loadmeters. 2 customizable.
Mapper – Create a map/floorplan with the Mapper plugin.
Master Volume – Have one master pharmacy volume slider for all sounds.
MP3 Player – Use MP3 files or Shoutcast Internet Radio stations.
Nadir Cap – Place a glued or floating cap to cover tripod hole.
OMG – Object Movie Generator. Provided as demo. Available as a commercial plugin.
PicMenu – The easy way to make multi node tours in seconds.
Preloader – Load other panoramas of the tour in the background.
PrePano – Set up your pre-pano look.
Preview – Create a clickable image in a HTML page to start pano.
Slideshow – Simple (basic) image slideshow for your panoramas.
TwitPanel – Incorporate Twitter feeds in your panos.
Video Player – Use FLV, MP4, M4V or Youtube videos in panos.
Video Transition – Full screen video transitions between panos.

The above descriptions of available features is very limited. The full list of what can be done, is literally endless.