© 2012 Flashificator
© 2012 Flashificator

Flashificator Upgrade Pack

Purchase the Upgrade Pack only if you already have Flash Panorama Player (FPP), and if you still have the invoice for it’s purchase.  You will be asked to provide proof of purchase of FPP before being granted access to the Flashificator updates.  The Upgrade Pack is a rather complicated first time install, but once you have access to the update section, you will have access to the Combo Pack installer which installs in seconds.  €99.95 plus taxes where applicable                       

Flashificator Combo Pack 

Purchase the Combo Pack if you are new to Flashificator and FPP and want a quick install and quick access to the update section where you will always find the latest version available. Buy the Combo Pack and save €9.95 compared to the regular price when purchased separately.   €129.95 plus taxes where applicable                      

Pano Cocoon Full

This is the full version of Pano Cocoon and it contains all currently available modules and features.  For using Pano Cocoon, you need to have either FPP hand-coded projects or projects made with Flashificator.  It does not work with any 3rd party panorama software.  With Pano Cocoon Full version you can have request 10 different context menu modules that identify you and/or your business. €199.95 plus taxes where applicable         

Pano Cocoon - Basic Module

The Basic version provides the basis for the other P.Cocoon modules.  It encrypts the XML file of the selected project, and one custom context menu will be provided upon request after purchase.  The SAPP (Stand Alone Panorama Projector) is included and fully functional. This module is needed as an absolute minimum before other modules can be added on top of it. €59.95 plus taxes where applicable                        

Pano Cocoon - Image Encryption Module 

The Image Encryption module encrypts the panoramic images of the selected project.  It does not encrypt any other files in the project. The encryption will add to the total size of the project by 10 - 30%.  To use this module, you need to own Pano Cocoon Basic.   €59.95 plus taxes where applicable                         

Pano Cocoon - Domain/Local Lock Module

The Domain Lock module is used to lock the project to a specific domain.  This will result in the project ONLY to work from the domain to which it has been locked.  You can lock it to any domain you like.  The Local Lock feature ensures that the project can ONLY be viewed locally (off-line). To use this module, you need to own Pano Cocoon Basic. €59.95 plus taxes where applicable           

Pano Cocoon - Time Limit Module

The Time Limit module can be applied to a project, putting a limit on the lifetime of a project.  The lifetime of the project can be set to minutes and range up to years/decades. To use this module, you need to own Pano Cocoon Basic. €59.95 plus taxes where applicable                        

De Branding 

The De Branding service is for those who prefer to stay ahead of their competition.  This service can accommodate a client’s wish to have only their own information displayed in the context menu (the standard entries by Adobe can NOT be removed). Feel free to contact us for further information before you purchase.   €399.95 plus taxes where applicable                       

OMG - Plugin for Flashificator)

The Object Movie Generator - or OMG as it is known for short - enables you to use object movies inside panoramas.  Distorted, static and floating.  It can double up as a slide show as well, and conveniently be called up like any ordinary hotspot.  This plugin is for use ONLY in Flashificator based projects, and will not work with FPP hand coded projects.  A fully working “Demo” branded version is provided with Flashificator since v.2.1 €19.95 plus taxes where applicable